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Senior Resources Available to All of Our Clients Living in Bucks County PA and Mercer County NJ

People are living longer and more fulfilling lives. As people begin to age, they may need assistance to live independently. That is where the caregivers of Premier Personal Care help. We are a non-medical home care agency working with clients in Bucks County, PA and Mercer County, NJ.

Resources Available to Seniors in Our Community

As a business that works with older adults, we understand that it is critical for our clients to be aware of available resources. Fortunately, resources continues to expand, making it easier for seniors to get the assistance they need to remain active in their communities.

Some resources are available no matter where one of our clients live.

If you need help with paying for your medications, contact PAAD(Pharmacy Assistance to the Aged and Disabled) at (609) 588-7049 or (800) 792-9745. They help people who are currently in need.

Here are phone numbers for other resources available to everyone, no matter what state or county you live in.

  • Alzheimer’s Association — (800) 272-3900
  • American Diabetes Association — (800) 232-3472
  • American Foundation for the Blind — (800) 232-5463
  • Association of Area Agencies on Aging — (877) 222-3737
  • Children of Aging Parents — (800) 227-7294
  • National Cancer Institute — (800) 422-6237
  • National Center for Vision and Aging — (609) 989-6661
  • National Hospice Organization — (800) 658-8898

Resources for Those Living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

The Bucks County Area Agency on Aging is an excellent starting point for finding senior resources. You can reach them directly at (267) 880-5700 or you can use their website to get started. You can download a copy of their Resource Directory, get information on local transportation options, or find employment assistance.

You can also visit the Pennsylvania Department of Aging for even more resources.

Resources for Those Living in Mercer County, New Jersey

Those who live in Mercer County and need local senior resources can reach the Mercer County Office on Aging at (877) 222-3737.

The Princeton Senior Resource center is a fantastic resource available to local residents and their caregivers. You can visit their website at or give them a call at 609-252-2362

We hope these resources will help you live a fuller life as you age.


Things you should know about the homecare agency you hired.

      • Make sure the homecare agency is currently licensed in your state.
      • Does the homecare agency offer a client assessment to help evaluate your care needs?
      • Does the agency perform criminal background checks?
      • Do supervisors meet with you and the family with the caregiver for initial care?
      • Are there visits from supervisor to evaluate quality of care?
      • Does the homecare agency offer up to 24 hour care as well as hourly?
      • Does the homecare agency have Certified Nurses Aids and Home Health Aides?
      • How quickly can care begin?
      • Do they bill weekly, biweekly, or monthly?