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Senior Care Resources for Bucks County

Since 2008, Premier Personal Care, Inc. has been working with the senior citizens of Bucks County, and their families, to make their lives easier. We were founded by physicians who wanted to provide elderly patients with the resources they required to continue to live involved, independent, and enjoyable lives. Premier Personal Care, Inc. is a locally based, non-medical home care agency. Our highly trained caregivers help clients with basic tasks around the house, such as cooking, cleaning, and various other home activities. Our caregivers also provide clients with someone to interact with, share stories, play cards or board games, and discuss current events.

Helpful Links to Senior Resources

In this day and age, there are more resources for senior citizens than ever before. To help seniors or their families locate these services, we have provided a list of links. As a business that works with the elderly, we understand how important it is to find all of the available resources possible. We hope this list proves useful to those who need it, and our services are always available for those who need them.

Links for Bucks County, PA

These links for senior care resources are specific to Bucks County and include county transportation services and senior employment programs, among others.

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Links for Mercer County, NJCare Provided To Elders By Home Care Agency In Fairless Hills, PA Photo - Premier Personal Care, Inc.

Residents of Mercer County can use the links listed below to access local resources. Programs include the county Department of Aging, which will work with seniors to develop a care program, assess the benefits available to them, and even help coordinating multiple services.

Programs for Seniors and Disabled

Below we have included more programs and services that are not specific to Bucks or Mercer County. Some of the programs are state-run while others are national organizations that our clients have found useful in the past.

The Pharmacy Assistance to the Aged and Disabled, or PAAD, provides financial assistance to persons who are ill, to help pay for medications. Call them at (609) 588-7049 or (800) 792-9745.

Cancer Care provides local financial assistance to help people with all types of cancer in New Jersey. Financial help is available for transportation, pain medications, home care, and child care. For more information visit Cancer Care website,, or call toll-free, 800-813-HOPE.

Phone numbers of further resources:

Alzheimer’s Association — (800) 272-3900

American Foundation for the blind — (800) 232-5463

Children of Aging Parents — (800) 227-7294

National Center for Vision and Aging — (609) 989-6661

Association of Area Agencies on Aging — (877) 222-3737

National Hospice Organization — (800) 658-8898

National Cancer Institute — (800) 422-6237

American Diabetes Association — (800) 232-3472

American Parkinson’s Disease Association — (800) 223-2732

To learn more about Premier Personal Care, Inc., or schedule an informational meeting, contact us today.


Things you should know about the homecare agency you hired.

      • Make sure the homecare agency is currently licensed in your state.
      • Does the homecare agency offer a client assessment to help evaluate your care needs?
      • Does the agency perform criminal background checks?
      • Do supervisors meet with you and the family with the caregiver for initial care?
      • Are there visits from supervisor to evaluate quality of care?
      • Does the homecare agency offer up to 24 hour care as well as hourly?
      • Does the homecare agency have Certified Nurses Aids and Home Health Aides?
      • How quickly can care begin?
      • Do they bill weekly, biweekly, or monthly?