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Home Care Services in Buck County, PA

Many seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as possible. Home care services help seniors maintain an independent lifestyle even when everyday tasks become difficult to do. This type of care makes living at home easier, and a personal caregiver establishes a relationship with clients that helps provide day-to-day consistency.

The Benefits Of Personal Care

senior woman sitting in wheelchair at home smiling at visiting caregiverRelying on family members to run errands and help around the house can get frustrating for everyone involved, but a personal in-home caregiver can help ease the burden so families can spend more quality time together. Depending on your family’s needs, you can schedule a caregiver to come in just a few times a week, spend every day at your home, or provide full-time live-in care.  Caregivers from Premier Personal Care, Inc. are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that you can schedule compassionate personal care any time of day or night.

For clients with dementia, maintaining a stable, familiar home environment is essential. Personal caregivers reduce stress by letting seniors with dementia remain surrounded by the things they love without leaving family members worried about whether the elderly relative can safely navigate their home or take care of basic personal tasks.

Available Home Care Services

Your in-home caretaker can provide just about any nonmedical assistance to help you remain in your home. Some personal home care services a caregiver can provide include:

  • Assistance with bathing or showering
  • Help shaving, brushing teeth, clipping nails, or completing other personal grooming tasks
  • Aid in dressing and applying makeup
  • Setting up reminders to take your doctor-provided medicines
  • Providing bathroom assistance
  • Turning oxygen on and off as needed
  • Helping with feedings and encouraging proper nutrition or fluid intake
  • Taking care of household pets

Home care services also include household tasks, such as cooking meals and preparing snacks, cleaning your home, washing dishes, and taking out the trash. Caregivers often run errands, such as buying groceries or providing transportation to appointments, in addition to their in-home duties. The caregivers at Premier Personal Care, Inc. manage household logistics, so seniors in their care stay on schedule with appointments and essential tasks get completed quickly.

A personal caregiver can help ward off loneliness as well. Whether you want to take a walk around the neighborhood or watch your favorite movie, your caregiver serves as a friendly companion during everyday activities. If you have mobility issues, a personal caregiver can help you get around. Some mobility services provided by caregivers include:

  • Assistance walking with a walker
  • Pushing a wheelchair
  • Help to transfer into or out of a wheelchair
  • Assistance with home exercises recommended by a physical therapist or occupational therapist

Personal caregivers also monitor the health of their clients. This can include watching for potential symptoms and reporting any medical changes to the client’s doctor. It may also involve tracking medication compliance, attending medical appointments with the senior patient, and helping administer prescribed pills or liquid medication.

Every client has individual needs, so home caregivers develop personalized services for each person in their care. A senior’s needs may also change over time, and your caregiver can alter their duties to accommodate changing health needs or mobility issues.

Contact Us For A Consultation

Fill out our online contact form or give Premier Personal Care, Inc., a call at 215-943-0201 to find out more about our in-home care services.

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