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Advances in healthcare and the sciences have enabled Americans to live longer, fuller lives, potentially decades longer than their parents or grandparents before them. Elder care senior resources can help support you or your loved ones when various life activities become difficult or while battling certain types of injuries or illnesses. Premier Personal Care has prepared this guide to senior resources available nationwide, as well as those specific to Pennsylvania and New Jersey, to help connect you to the agencies you need to enhance your quality of life.

Senior Resources For Specific Ailments And Diseases

The following organizations work specifically to provide guidance, support and access to special programs for individuals fighting specific diseases.

Premier Personal Care Inc.

Senior Resources For Elder Care And Support

Advanced levels of support sometimes become necessary for both seniors and their families. These resources, some based locally and others available nationwide, can connect you to specific types of assistance or programs that provide monetary support.

Premier Personal Care Inc.

Medicaid Waiver Program For Qualified Seniors

Premier Personal Care is an approved Medicaid waiver program provider for the state of Pennsylvania. This program is available to seniors who qualify financially and medically for additional support outside of a nursing home setting. To learn more about this coverage, visit the PA Department of Human Services website or call the Office of Long-Term Living Bureau of Participant Operations at 1-800-753-8827.

Contact Premier Personal Care For Additional Senior Resources

Our organizations is here to help you and your loved ones as you age gracefully at home. Our in-home aids enable you to recover in your preferred setting after experiencing injuries or illnesses and provide the opportunity to live independently later in life. Contact us today at 215-943-0201 to learn more about the services we provide and the additional resources we can help connect you to.