nurse helping elderly patientPremier Personal Care provides professional, nonmedical in-home care for elderly residents of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Whether you or a loved one needs occasional help with errands or keeping a clean house, Premier Personal Care provides the compassionate care your senior loved one needs.

What Makes Hourly Home Care Different?

Hourly home care allows clients to maintain their normal daily routines while receiving the assistance they need on a short-term basis. This care is flexible by nature, because it allows clients of Premier Personal Care to receive support from in-home caregivers on an hourly or as-needed basis.

We offer different levels of lifestyle support, including light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry chores, transportation to appointments, grocery shopping and other errands and daily companionship.

Hourly home care meets the needs of seniors by providing the lifestyle and personal care assistance they need to lead a healthy, productive life.

Care To Fit Senior Schedules

Hourly in-home care allows seniors to receive assistance during the times they need it most. For instance, some clients may need help with morning routines, whether it’s getting in and out of bed, getting dressed or preparing breakfast. Other seniors may need help with lunch preparation and getting grocery shopping completed in the middle of the day. Whatever our client needs may be, Premier Personal Care has services to assist them.

Benefits Of Hourly Home Care

In-home hourly care from Premier Personal Care allows seniors to remain in familiar surroundings at home while being provided with the right levels of assistance to help them maintain their dignity and way of life.

Contact Premier Personal Care

Find out how the hourly home care services at Premier Personal Care can help make a senior’s life at home more convenient, enjoyable and safe. For more information on Premier Personal Care’s hourly, nonmedical home care services available for many communities in Bucks County, contact Premier Personal Care at 215-943-0201 to schedule an in-home consultation.