elderly man receiving a breakfast tray from young womanIf you’re trying to maintain your independence as a senior but notice an increased need for assistance with everyday tasks, personal home care professionals can help. Home health care assistants don’t just help you complete chores and run errands, though. They also provide companionship and emotional support.

Signs You Need a Home Care Professional

Seniors often want to remain in their own homes as they age, but many start finding that once-simple tasks become harder over time. Keeping up with basic household chores such as cooking and cleaning may seem overwhelming. Personal tasks, including bathing and eating, might be harder, especially if you have arthritis or mobility issues. A home care assistant can help you take care of these tasks so you can continue to live independently.

In some cases, the difficulties are temporary. If you break your wrist or bruise your hip, you might need assistance during your recovery period. Premier Personal Care, Inc. offers recovery care services so you can hire someone to help you for a specific period of time while you get better. This lets you stay in your home during recovery instead of moving into an unfamiliar care facility. Being surrounded by your things may help reduce stress and help you recover more quickly. If you have pets, staying at home during recovery means that you don’t have to leave them behind and get the benefit of their loving companionship while you heal.

Services That Personal Care Aides Provide

Personal care assistants generally handle nonmedical tasks. This might include cooking healthy meals, picking up essential household items at the store, and helping you care for your pets. Home care professionals also typically develop a real bond with clients and become caring companions. Your home care assistant might chat with you about your favorite subjects, accompany you on walks around the neighborhood, and play board games with you.

If your family has been helping out with personal care or support during recovery from an illness or injury, a professional caregiver can give family members a break. By taking on household duties, a care assistant lets your relatives focus on you when they come to visit instead of spending all their time tackling household errands.

Home care services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can schedule help when you need it. Personalized service lets you set the time and days you need assistance. You also decide exactly how much help you need, so if you prefer to handle some tasks on your own, you can specify that as well.

Hiring Personal Home Care Professionals

Hiring a personal home care professional through an agency such as Premier Personal Care, Inc. takes the stress out of finding a qualified, caring home assistant. Backup caregivers are available in your regular assistant is unable to work on a particular day, so you never have to worry about being without care.

It’s important to understand your personal needs, including the level of care you require, before hiring home care professionals. Make a list of the things you have the most trouble with and share that list with your caregiver. Communicating with your caregiver ensures that all of your expectations are met. 

If you are a senior who needs help with nonmedical tasks daily, or if you’re recovering from an injury that limits your mobility, contact Premier Personal Care, Inc. in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, to learn more about hiring home care professionals to help you maintain an independent lifestyle.