Senion in home care in Bucks County and Mercer County
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Premier Personal Care – In Home Care

When it’s family, and only the best will do.


Premier Personal Care is focused on the family and supporting your loved ones in a home environment as long as possible. Senior care is an important responsibility and Premier Personal Care provides your family member with compassionate and personalized in-home care.

Our services also include care for individuals recovering from an injury or a hospital stay. In-home care is available in Bucks County, Pa and Mercer County, NJ. 

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Injury/ Illness Recovery

Injury/ Illness Recovery In Home Care


Premier Personal Care professionals assist you with your home care needs while recovering from an unexpected injury.  We will be there for personal care needs while you move towards returning to your normal activities and a life you enjoy.

Surgery can create a need for assistance while regaining your strength during a recovery period. PPC caregivers strive to provide your personal care needs and desires to help you maintain your comfort and independence during your recovery period. PPC provides the finest of care for injured workers, post op clients and those restricted by a temporary illness.

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About Us

Premier Personal Care


was founded by physicians who understand the changing needs of family caregivers and their loved ones, and who remain committed to the ideals of care giving. Their unique perspective brings a new standard for excellence and accountability in one-on-one home care.

Premier Personal Care is locally owned and operated by experienced health care professionals.
Unlike large franchises, PPC is a community-based company that delivers exceptional quality care and is focused on matching a specific care plan to each client’s needs and wants. In order to fulfill our mission of maintaining the highest quality service and

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